Our Providers

Primary Providers (practicing in Valentine, NE)

Family Practice Kelli L. Garwood MD 402-376-3770
Family Practice Michele N. Mulligan-Witt MD 402-376-2200
General Surgery Morris C. Benson MD 402-376-2525
Physicians Assistant Claire E. High PA-C 402-376-2200
Physicians Assistant Sarah Fitzpatrick PA-C 402-376-2200
Physicians Assistant Loretta K. Daniels PA-C 402-376-3770
Physicians Assistant Cassandra M. Schill PA-C 402-376-3770
ER Physicians Assistant Tracy Ray PA-C 402-376-2525
ER Physicians Assistant Yohanes Tot PA-C 402-376-2525

Emergency Room Providers

Primary Provider Kelli L. Garwood MD
Primary Provider Michele N. Mulligan-Witt MD
Primary Provider Claire E. High PA-C
Primary Provider Sarah Fitzpatrick PA-C
ER Provider Tracy Ray PA-C
ER Provider Yohanes Tot PA-C
Primary Provider Cassie Schill PA-C
ER Doctor Shawn S. Lawrence MD
ER Doctor Jonathan A. Stelling MD
ER Doctor Bradley J. Vasa MD

Specialty Providers (holding specialty clinics in Valentine, NE)

Allergy James M. Tracy DO 877-392-1800
Behavioral Health Terry L. Dunlop D.BH,PLMHP,NCC 308-830-0612
Cardiology / Vascular Bryan Health
Dental Surgery (Pediatric and Special Needs) Benjamin A. Lashley DDS 308-534-1289
Dental Surgery Kelly Anderson DDS 402-376-1942
ENT Frederick E. Freeman MD
Nephrologist Pushkar Kanade MD
Neurology Telehealth Zeyad Morcos MD
Oncology Kartik Anand MD
Ophthalmology Shawna R. Collier MD 800-383-3351
Ophthalmology Keegan A. Harkins MD 800-383-3351
Orthopedic Michael S. Sisk MD 970-879-6663
Orthotics Jacob W. Sikes CO 308-237-6105
Pain Management Burt McKeag MD
Podiatry Alicia M. Ericksen MD FACS
Pulmonology Lon W. Keim MD 402-552-9700
Sleep Clinic Jefrey Start DO
Urology Kenneth E. McCalla MD 605-217-7000

To make an appointment with a primary provider, call the numbers listed above.

To make an appointment with a specialty provider, please call the hospital at 402-376-2525 and they will schedule your appointment or give you the appropriate information to help you schedule your appointment.