PLEASE NOTE: As of November 15, 2022, due to an increase in Covid, Flu and RSV cases hitting our community, we now require all visitors, patients and CCH team members to be masked at all times while at Cherry County Hospital and Clinic. We ask you please to do your part to help keep our patients, team members, and community healthy. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you are scheduled for surgery, you must contact your health care provider to schedule your Covid-19 test. At-Home tests ARE NOT ACCEPTED.


AS OF MARCH 24, 2022 Cherry County Hospital will no longer be administering Covid-19 Vaccinations. The North Central District Health Department will be in Valentine each month with a variety of vaccinations available to administer.

Self Screening Questions

Do you show the following symptoms?

Shortness of Breath
Muscle Aches or Sore Throat

Have you traveled outside the local area in the last two weeks?

If you are showing these symptoms and have recently traveled outside of the local area you may need to self quarantine.

Types of Self Care

Social distancing: Minimize interactions in crowded spaces by working from home, closing schools/switching to online classes, cancelling/postponing conferences and large meetings, and keeping individuals spaced 6 feet apart.
Self-monitor: Monitor yourself for symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection, including cough, shortness of breath, fever, and fatigue. Persons with known exposure to COVID-19 infection are asked to check for symptoms including fever twice daily (e.g., 8 am and 8 pm). Persons with COVID-19 infection should document symptoms to enable accurate determination of duration of isolation (see above).
Self-quarantine: Persons with known exposure to a person with COVID-19 infection should remove themselves from situations where others could be exposed/infected should they develop infection, and self-monitor to identify if COVID-19 infection develops.
Self-isolate: Persons with clinical or lab-confirmed for COVID-19 infection should eliminate contact with others as detailed above. Stay in your own room and bathroom in your home, do not have contact with family members.

How to Self-Quarantine

Self-Quarantine means that you stay in your home, with minimal contact from the outside or with family members that have not been exposed.

Self-Quarantine will end fourteen (14) days after you were exposed.

Do not go to work, school or other activities outside your home.

Keep at least 6 feet between you and others, this includes unexposed persons you live with.

Please have groceries, medications and other necessary items delivered if possible.

Ask family and friends to stay away! If they must come, keep a distance of more than 6 feet or visit through the door. If they are delivering supplies, have them leave supplies by the door and you get them after they have left.

Monitor yourself for symptoms twice a day and notify your health provider including your temperature.


What is Cherry County Hospital doing to protect its patients and visitors?

Cherry County Hospital is currently in a locked down state, but we are still open for care! At this time, we are permitting only one visitor per patient, and are asking that this be the same person for each visit. Patients and visitors will be screened with a questionnaire and temperatures will be taken.

Is Cherry County Hospital Still having specialty clinics?

Currently we are still having specialty clinics however due to how rapidly Covid-19 is changing this might change. In preparation for this, CCH will be utilizing Telemedicine to continue to provide the best possible patient care.

Nebraska Exposures

If you would like to keep track of the Nebraska Covid-19 exposures please visit the following page:

Covid-19 In Nebraska

CDC Information and Links

People Who Are At Higher Risk

Guidance for Businesses and Employers

Tips to Keep Children Safe

Guidance for Retirement Communities and Independent Living

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I still come to the hospital while it is locked down?
Absolutely! Patients and visitors are required to come to the ER entrance and answer a few screening questions. Patients and Visitors may be asked to wear a mask.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the hospital by phone: 402-376-2525