The purpose of the Foundation is to accept gifts, memorials, and contributions to be used for the benefit of the Cherry County Hospital. The Cherry County Hospital Foundation met for their first meeting on August 4th, 1978.


Projects Funded include:
EKG Machines
Fetal Heart Monitors
Pediatric Scale
CPR Manikin
Blood Gas Machine
Oxygen Analyzer
Portable Oxygen Unit
Sodium Potassium Analyzers
Pediatric Blood Pressure Machine
Ventilators, Bronchoscope
IV Pumps, Pulse Oximeters
Hemodynamic Blood Monitor
Newborn Hearing Screening Equipment
Mammography Equipment
Kidney Dialysis Machines and Chair Pads
Surgery Chair Table
Infant Radiant Warmers
Security System
Suction Units
Central Fetal Heart Monitors
Portable Pro Packs
Floatation Bed
Ambulance Portable Blood Pressure Machines
Auto Pulse Machines
Electric Gurney Lifts


One of the goals of the Cherry County Hospital Foundation is to assist with advice and planning for hospital philanthropic funding, both immediate and long range.

We invite you to invest in the future of your community by designating a gift from your current assets or a portion of your estate to the Cherry County Hospital Foundation.


Contributions through your will may be a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or all of the residue from your estate. 100% of the gift is used in supporting the hospital, there are no administrative costs deducted.

Giving to an organization such as the foundation will reduce inheritance and estate taxes, as well as assist in the quality of health care provided in our community. By broadening the base of sustaining support, the foundation will continue to support the hospital and help it to achieve the highest possible level of health care. This will enable the hospital to stay abreast of all advances in technology.

Contributions to the Foundation may be sent to:

Cherry County Hospital Foundation
510 North Green Street
Valentine, NE 69201

or give online:

Contact your attorney to incorporate your contribution in your will.

Please notate the type of contribution.

Memorial Gift
Birthday or Anniversary Remembrance
In Appreciation
Special Occasion

Include the following:

Name of the person(s) being honored
Address of the person(s) being honored
Your relationship to the honoree

Make your gift to:

Cherry County Hospital Foundation. Address listed above.