Our Providers

Primary Providers (practicing in Valentine, NE)

Family Practice Kelli L. Scheer MD 402-376-3770
Family Practice Michele N. Mulligan-Witt MD 402-376-3770
Family Practice Madeleine Wilson MD 402-376-3770
Family Practice Allegra Ponshock MD 402-376-3770
General Surgery Richard M. Malyszek MD, FACS 402-376-2525
Physicians Assistant Claire E. Carr PA-C 402-376-3770
Physicians Assistant Sarah Ward PA-C 402-376-3770
ER Physicians Assistant Tracy Ray PA-C 402-376-2525
ER Physicians Assistant Yohanes Tot PA-C 402-376-2525

Emergency Room Providers

Primary Provider Kelli L. Scheer MD
Primary Provider Michele N. Mulligan-Witt MD
Primary Provider Allegra Ponshock MD
Primary Provider Madeleine Wilson MD
Primary Provider Claire E. Carr PA-C
Primary Provider Sarah Ward PA-C
ER Provider Richard Blum PA-C
ER Provider Tracy Ray PA-C
ER Provider Yohanes Tot PA-C
ER Doctor Alexandra Weaver MD
ER Doctor Bradley J. Vasa MD
ER Doctor Sandra L. Parks MD

Specialty Providers (holding specialty clinics in Valentine, NE)

Allergy James M. Tracy DO 877-392-1800
Cardiology / Vascular Bryan Health
Dental Surgery(Pediatric & Special Needs) Benjamin A. Lashley DDS 308-534-1289
Dental Surgery Kelly Anderson DDS 402-376-1942
ENT Frederick E. Freeman MD, FACS
Gastroenterology Jeffrey Cloud MD
Nephrologist Pushkar Kanade MD
Neurology Telehealth Zeyad Morcos MD
Oncology Kartik Anand MD
Ophthalmology Shawna R. Collier MD 800-383-3351
Ophthalmology Keegan A. Harkins MD 800-383-3351
Orthopedic Michael S. Sisk MD 970-879-6663
Orthotics Jacob W. Sikes CO 308-237-6105
Pain Management Burt McKeag MD
Podiatry Alicia M. Ericksen DPM
Psychiatry Genesis Psychiatric
Pulmonology Guido Molina-Pallete MD 308-568-3500
Sleep Clinic Jefrey Start DO
Urology Robert Santa-Cruz MD

To make an appointment with a primary provider, call the numbers listed above.

To make an appointment with a specialty provider, please call the hospital at 402-376-2525 and they will schedule your appointment or give you the appropriate information to help you schedule your appointment.