The technologists of the Cherry County Hospital (CCH) Radiology department are American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) certified and are ready to serve you by offering a variety of radiologic testing. We are also a Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Certified Mammography Facility!

Outside Resources:

We utilize Radiology Services from North Platte, NE, to read all of the images that are taken at Cherry County Hospital. Your images are transported to Radiology Services through a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). This ensures that your images are read in a timely manner by a professional Radiologist, a doctor who specializes in interpreting medical images.


Your primary care provider will refer you if he/she would like you to have radiology testing.

Hours of Operation:

24 hours a day
7 days a week
Outpatient services are available Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm, Saturdays by appointment.

Available Services and Testing:

Bone Densitometry
CT Scan (Computerized Tomography)
Digital Mammography
EKG (Electrocardiogram)
MRI (Magnetic Resource Imaging)
PET/CT (Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where do I come for my appointment/test?

A: Please come to the main CCH entrance. The staff at the front desk will be happy to register you and provide an outpatient form for you. They will contact the Radiology department to let them know you have arrived, and they will give you directions to the Lab/Radiology department waiting room.

Q: If it is time for me to have a mammogram, do I need to get an order from my doctor?

A: Yes! You do need an order from your primary care provider for your mammogram.

Q: Can I eat or drink before a CT or MRI Scan?

A: It depends. Call CCH at 402.376.2525 and ask for the Radiology Department. They will give you the appropriate instructions based on the CT or MRI that you are scheduled to have.

Q: Will my implanted device cause an issue with my scheduled MRI?

A: If you have a pacemaker, you are unable to have an MRI. If you have a different implanted device, you may still be able to have a MRI, but please bring along your card with your implant information to your radiology appointment and/or check with the Radiology department by calling 402.376.2525.

Q: How do I get the results of my Radiology test?

A: The results are automatically sent to the provider who ordered your test. They will share the results with you. If you are seen in the Emergency Room by a provider that is not your primary care provider, you may request that a copy be sent to your primary care provider. Always feel free to contact the Medical Records department of Cherry County Hospital 402.376.2525 to obtain a copy of any of your Medical Records.

Q: How will I be charged for my Radiology test?

A: You will receive a bill from CCH for your test and you will also receive a bill from the Radiologist who interprets your medical images.

Q: Does my radiology test need to be pre-certified with my insurance company?

A: Quite possibly! Several insurance companies require precertification for testing. It is always wise to contact your insurance company to pre-certify your testing. It is also wise to document the number you called, the name of the person with whom you spoke, what they told you, and the date and time of the conversation.