Our History


     • Sandhills General Hospital opened by Father Blaire and operated by two sisters.
     • Doctor Lynch took over hospital operations for several years.
     • The local Methodist church assumed management.
     • Under the direction of Betty Brockley, the hospital flourished for a short time, but then closed.
     • The community reopened the hospital with Nellie Stevenson assuming the administration responsibilities, but the Valentine         Building and Loan held the mortgage on the building and they assumed ownership.


     • In 1930, the Tyler family assumed the responsibility of opening the hospital under their name.
               • Truman Sr. and Mae Tyler leased the building from the Building and Loan Association and then purchased it in 1936.
               • The hospital was under the supervision of Truman Tyler, Sr. until his death when his wife Mae continued as                   administrator.
               • Eva Tyler married Truman Tyler, Jr. and served as the nursing supervisor.
     • In 1946, (after the death of Truman Tyler Sr. and Truman Tyler Jr.) Eva bought the property from Mae Tyler and continued its         operation.
     • In 1948, a bond issue for a county hospital failed.
     • In 1950, the north wing addition was built.
     • In 1961, the hospital formed a nonprofit corporation.
     • In 1967, the west wing addition was built.
     • In May 1968, a meeting of interested citizens organized a committee and started planning for a county hospital. An election         to establish a Cherry County Hospital with $100,000 for a study and a purchase of property was passed by the voters.         Twelve local citizens cosigned a note for the amount and made this possible.
     • In 1971, after uninterrupted service by the Tyler family (since 1930), the Cherry County Hospital Board formally took over         the management of the hospital.
     • In May 1972, voters rejected a bond issue for a new hospital.
     • In November 1972, Eva Tyler died and willed her assets to Cherry County Hospital.

1973 - 2006

     • In March 1973, a bond issue was approved by the voters for construction of a new Cherry County Hospital.
     • In October 1975, Cherry County Hospital opened.
     • In March of 1994, the Cherry County Clinic was completed.
     • In December of 1997, an outpatient addition added space for outpatient clinic services, physical therapy, mammography,         computed axial tomography, and ultrasound.
     • In 2006, a major renovation/addition was completed on the pharmacy, patient nutrition, nursing offices, home health,         medical records, administration, laboratory, cardiac rehabilitation, physician lounge, chapel, and physical therapy areas.

2017 - Current

     • In 2017, the hospital completed another major renovation and addition. Two new state of the art operating rooms were constructed along with a procedure and central supply room, OR office, and locker rooms. The nurse's station was completely renovated as well as the existing patient care wings. Semi-private patient rooms were converted to private rooms; they were greatly enlarged and modernized to provide a comfortable and welcoming stay. A new patient wing was added as well as a nurse's report room, waiting room, medication room, two labor and delivery rooms, and an Oncology suite. The Pharmacy was renovated and saw the addition of positive and negative pressure rooms. The radiology department saw a renovation and addition of office space. The CAT scan room was relocated from the north east side of the building to the radiology department. A new ultrasound, mammography, waiting room, and bone density room were also constructed in the radiology department. This greatly enhanced the radiology department by bringing all services to one area of the hospital. In addition, the kitchen and dining room were moved and reconstructed with the addition of skylights, and the purchasing offices received a renovation. Also, the outpatient clinic received the addition of 5 new exam rooms, a work room, receptionist area, and a waiting room. laundry and housekeeping were moved to the north east part of the hospital. Lastly, medical records received an addition of a new billing office.