Visitor Information

Cherry County Hospital encourages visitors of all ages to visit your loved one when he/she is able to benefit from the visit. CCH believes family involvement in patient care promotes optimum healing. Visitors may remain as long as their behaviors are respectful and conducive to a healing environment.

We ask all visitors to:

If you are experiencing Flu-like symptoms, please wear a mask while in Cherry County Hospital and Clinic.
Wash hands, or use hand sanitizer, upon arrival and departure.
Check your temperature with the mounted thermometer at the hospital entrance upon entry.
Abide by the no-smoking policy for the entire Cherry County Hospital campus.
Refrain from bringing latex balloons.
Refrain from taking pictures in any public area.
Check in at the nurses' station to ensure that it is a good time to visit your loved one.
Respect any visitation suggestions or instructions from the Medical Staff at Cherry County Hospital.